Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Story

You could say this all started thirteen years ago. I was three years old and my older cousins liked listening to this band. Eventually I learned the all the words to two of their songs. A few years then went by and I didn't hear about this band anymore. Then one day I was looking up videos on youtube and I found the song Mmmbop, I listened to it and realized I knew all the words still. I then asked my cousin if I could borrow her c.d. and she said which one. I didn't really know so I just said all of them. After listening to all of the songs I realized this band was awesome. I couldn't contain my excitement. And so I have been a fan of the band Hanson for the longest time. Most of you who aren't fans will probably give me the same crap I usually get but it doesn't matter to me. The ones who do understand may find this interesting or pathetic. Either way I figure I need to express my feelings in some way and this is the way I found to do it. With this blog I hope people will listen to my story of being a Hanson fan that is only a teenager.

Wish me luck fellow fansons!


  1. thanks for sharing your hanson fan storyof how you became a fanson -- mines about the same except my cousin was younger than me . thanks for posting your blog on hnet . Carrie

  2. Thank you so much. I am sorry it took me so long to thank you.I'm glad somebody supports me. I'm only sixteen and getting people to appreciate Hanson is really hard. Shout It Out...:).

  3. I really like it when people share their stories of how they became fans and I like it even more when I find out that there are still young people out there who apprecite and support quality music and talented artists like Hanson instead of all the stupid commercial stuff that you get on the radio these days. I'm wishing you all the best with your blog, keeps us posted on all your Hanson experiences... and yeah, shout it out so everybody can hear!
    All the best, Annie